Why You Need Business Interruption Insurance as Well as Standard Cover

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Most small business owners understand how important it is to have proper insurance in place to cover them in the event of a fire. If they operate a 'brick and mortar' establishment and a fire does break out, then they will want to ensure that all of their equipment, fittings, fixtures and stock can be replaced without causing too much hardship. Yet while this type of insurance is essential, it does not cover the real cost to the business associated with downtime.

12 December 2019

3 Reasons to Use a Small Business Insurance Broker

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As a small business owner, you need to make sure that your business is adequately insured. While you may know the basics about business insurance, you may not have the experience yet to know exactly what kind of cover you need. It can take some time to get up to speed on the business insurance market, but using a business insurance broker may help. Why is it a good idea to use a broker?

27 December 2018

Three Crucial Considerations for Choosing Management Liability Insurance

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Choosing the right management liability insurance policy is critical for the financial security of your business. This insurance cover will ensure that your company is protected against the losses which can be incurred due to mismanagement. If you are not covered and you cause losses to other parties, your enterprise might be crippled by the allegations of the wrongful acts. The management liability insurance will minimise the repercussions by covering claimant costs, defence or legal expenses, civil fines and investigation costs.

23 May 2018

Five Tips to Make Civil Contracting Insurance Claims Easier

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As a civil contractor, you probably carry insurance. Hopefully, nothing ever goes wrong, and you never need to make a claim. However, in case you need to make a claim, here are some tips to help that process go smoothly. 1. Keep Detailed Financial Records of Your Assets If you end up making a claim on your civil contractor insurance policy due to a loss of an asset, you may be tasked with proving that asset's worth.

26 October 2017

Do you need public liability coverage for a food truck?


One of the advantages of running a food truck rather than a traditional cafe or restaurant is that less effort is necessary to maintain the dining room. However just because you are on the road and don't provide people with somewhere specific to eat doesn't mean that you don't need public liability insurance.  Trip hazards around the van As you set up, there will often be trip hazards around the van such as power lines.

10 June 2016

Various Types of Insurance Coverage Your Small Business May Need

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Most businesses are required to have some type of insurance coverage, including worker's compensation insurance that would pay for medical bills in case someone on the payroll is injured. There are many other types of coverage you might consider for your business, even if the company itself is very small. Note these different types and what they may include so you can talk to your insurance agent about adding them to your policy.

22 October 2015